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Offers at Roselle Animal Hospital

Special Offers

  • $3.00 Off Pet Grooming (New Clients Only)
  • $25 Off New Patient Exam (Not Valid with Wellness Plans)
  • $25 Credit on Your Account

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$10.00 Rebate
Fill out a coupon on-line at and receive a $10 check towards your next Rimadyl purchase at our hospital.

Sentinel Spectrum

$10 OFF 6 doses 
$25 OFF 12 doses

Frontline Plus - Canine or Feline

Buy 3 Doses and Get 1 Free Today and Buy 6 Doses and Get 2 Free Today!


Receive $12 mail in rebate on 12 doses. Fill out a mail-in rebate form and send it in with a receipt, showing the purchase from your veterinarian. You will receive your rebate in the mail.

Benefits of Purchase of 12 Month Supply of Heartworm Preventative

  • Your pet is protected year round from heartwom and intestinal parasites
  • Receive the manufacturers rebate ($10 - $25 value).
Feline Revolution

Buy 6 and Get 1 FREE and Buy 9 and Get 3 Free Today!

Info About Rebates

To receive a rebate or free doses, these medications MUST be purchased from a veterinarian. Also, it is important to know, pharmaceutical manufacturers will only honor product guarantees when the medications are prescribed by and purchased from the pet's veterinarian. Internet and mail-order catalogs, do not qualify for these guarantees.

Purchasing Frontline, Heartgard, Interceptor, Sentinel, and Revolution from Lake Street Animal Hospital gives you a 100% guarantee on the product. Medications purchased online may have been purchased outside the United States and have different strengths and labeling than U.S. products. Please Beware...When it comes to buying medicine online, it is important to be very careful. Some websites sell medicine that may not be safe to use and could put your health at risk. Some medicines sold online are fake, are too strong or too weak, have dangerous ingredients, are out-of-date, aren't FDA-approved, aren't made using safe standards, aren't safe to use with other medicine or products you use or aren't labeled, stored, or shipped correctly.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program for Feral Cats

Feral cats are the "wild" offspring of domestic cats and are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals, allowing them to breed uncontrolled. Feral cat "colonies" can be found behind shopping areas or businesses, in alleys, parks, abandoned buildings, and rural areas. They are elusive and do not trust humans.

Many people assume their animals will survive when they move away and leave them behind. Contrary to popular belief, domestic animals do not automatically return to their "natural" instincts and cannot fend for themselves! Already, U.S. animal shelters are forced to kill an estimated 15 million homeless cats and dogs annually. The alternative to humane euthanasia for almost every stray is a violent end or slow, painful death. Many "throwaways" die mercilessly outdoors from starvation, disease, abuse — or as food for a predator.

A pair of breeding cats, which can have two or more litters per year, can exponentially produce 420,000 offspring over a seven-year period. And the overpopulation problem carries a hefty price tag. Statewide, more than $50 million (largely from taxes) is spent by animal control agencies and shelters for cat-related expenses.

Studies have proven that trap-neuter-release is the single most successful method of stabilizing and maintaining healthy feral cat colonies with the least possible cost to local governments and residents, while providing the best life for the animals themselves.

Spaying/neutering homeless cats:

  • Stabilizes the population at manageable levels.
  • Eliminates annoying behaviors associated with mating.
  • Is humane to the animals and fosters compassion in the neighborhoods.
  • Is more effective and less costly than repeated attempts at extermination: costs for repeatedly trapping and killing feral colonies are far higher than promoting stable, non-breeding colonies in the same location. Vacated areas are soon filled by other cats, who start the breeding process over again.
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